Cannot install whatsapp

I cannot install Whatsapp to my MX4 Pro. Obviously, google play store doesn’t work so I tried Meizu’s app market. It says installing but nothing happens.

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suggest you download latest whatasapp version apk directly from whatsapp web and install it on your mobile.
b4, uninstall any whatsapp application from your mobile.

@resengsc Switch to the International firmware for this mobile. It’s easier to use and not that hard to change from the Chinese one. The International version comes with google play store and everything from Google installed. Don’t worry about losing warranty, you don’t want to send your phone back to China in the first place, trust me, and other guys from this forum on this.


@Tipter-Alexandru not needed and a waste of time, unless you need the languages.

Simply grab the Google Installer (1.4.4 on Flyme 4 or 2.0.4 on Flyme 5) and you are good to go.

it is international, not Chinese …

it says it is incompatible… I just installed it with its official .apk. Seems working…

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