Battery drains quickly

Battery of my MX4 Pro drains very quickly, worse than my another 2000 mA phone. I activated battery saving mode and tried closing some services, but didn’t help much. Any suggestion?

Tries doze, greenify and powerpro


@resengsc provide us with more infos.
Firmware version?

@Dimitrive, Greenify & Co. are not the answer for everything.


@resengsc basically you are already on the latest international firmware.
What you could try to do, is to reinstall the whole firmware with the same procedure as the upgrade one ( <- Pictured tutorial).
Also try to calibrate the battery sensor, by fully discharging the phone until it turns itself off and then charging it while the phone is still off.

I was thinking to reset the phone but I already installed many apps and organized the phone quite a bit. I don’t want to lose that. Is there any way to keep all the installed programs but just upgrading OS? I heard that FlymeOS 5 also helps with the battery. Do you suggest to install that version (it is still beta?) or just stick to the current stable version?


@resengsc just stick to the current stable one and yep, a reinstall would have been the best thing to do.
But you would lose all your apps again…

@resengsc if you want to clear data download titanium so you can take backup from your apps…
After the clear installation install titanium again and restore only the apps you want.

does titanium backups all the apps or just to the app list to easily reinstall later?

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