Cannot make phone calls?

Hi. I just got an MX4 Pro. I cannot make phone calls with it. When I call a number, it just flashes the screen, nothing happens. I also tried Skype, it doesn’t work as well. Any idea?

check your net connections.
any signs on notification bar?

Yes, both phone and wireless (for Skype) connections are open.


Provide us with more info.
Whats your firmware?

Also did you tried to reinstall the firmware with clear data (same way as upgrading your phone):

it is 4.5.7I . I didn’t not to lose the apps I installed…

I am starting to regret about switching from my windows phone :( You don’t need to do any of these…

I reinstalled the firmware, phone works now but some google services do not work

Meizu MX4 Pro

Again, suspicious behaviour…
Could you give us the first three numbers of your IMEI?

@resengsc I reinstalled those services, now they also work… why do I need to re-install everything :(

@jrotaetxe first three numbers: 865, why do you need my IMEI?


@resengsc who said you need to reinstall everything?

@resengsc never give anyone your IMEI, not even a single number of it.

@Rey I mean there is always a problem which requires some re-installation. it is a brand new phone, why do I need to do that??
I wouldn’t share my full IMEI, don’t worry 3 numbers won’t do anything… but thanks anyway for your concern.

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@resengsc it could be the case that someone flashed the firmware over the actual one it got delivered with (thats often the case if you buy from a reseller).
Additionally a fresh install always guarantees that everything works like “expected”.

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