MX5 speaker issue

Dear all,

i purchased MX5 Meizu, and after 2 days of using begin problem with loudspear.

on this two videos you can see what is the problem.…

also, when i turn off display, and turn on again, sound is ok again for 2-3 seconds…

phone came with flyme 4.5 and than I upgrade it on and after that i noticed this problem.

After that i tried clean install of same firmware but problem remain. Than tried last beta version, and at the and tried clean install of Flyme, nothing changes… Now phone is on last beta firmware with problem still present.

Any help about this?


@guro you are sure that you upgraded with “clear data”?

If yes it is likely to be a faulty hardware, so maybe contact your seller.

Hi @Rey

Tried a couple of times with clear data cheked…but with no result

Searching for solution on internet find that this is not only my problem…

Also, i am working in autorised sony and lg mobile service…and my collegaues repair techicians thinks that this can be only software problem, but i need other opinios too :)

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last night downloaded from play store app SpeakerTester, and after trying it, my speaker is dead… now i dont have sound at all…

hello! I have the same problem and im pissing me off seriously… i cant find my phone, when someone is ringing or even i cant listen music…


@Mitkodj try to contact your seller and return the phone. It is definitely not related to the firmware.

@Rey can I returt it back when.its already rooted?

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