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Hello, i’m gonna need your help, i bought 2 meizu pro 5 phones from China, the firmware is in both phones, and i have the same problems. First and most important problem for me is the bug when i end a call. After i press the hang up button, call disappears as normal but i need about 20-30secs before i can make a new call. When i did clear data in incall app the problem solved for few calls but then returned. I have uninstall security app from system. The second problem for me too is the notifications from whatsapp viber, i don’t receive them if the app is closed. In viber again with clear data work for some messages. I guess everything has to do with this but i can’t find a permanent solution.

So if anyone can help especially for the call bug!! Thank you


@hi2all please use AZ Screen Recorder to make a Screenshot of the bug. And after that you might have to provide a bug log… but let’s take it slow. (talking about the call bug)

And yeah Flyme 5 + notifications is a pain in the ass.

@Ultrametric there is nothing i can record so i can saw you the bug, when i press the hang up button on the screen looks normal, but i can’t make another call for about 20-30secs it’s like the last call still runs in backround. After 20-30 secs i can also hear the sound of the end call

Meizu MX4

@hi2all You mentioned that you unistalled the security app. I suggest you do a factory reset and only uninstall bloatware. It’s known that uninstalling the security app can cause problems.

In flyme 5 the notifications are a pain, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. Other have said that they allowed apps to run in the background via the security app and that fixed the problem for them. Again tis has got to do with the security app so it’s best not to uninstall it.

Once you solve your problem can you please check out the photography section please. We need a Pro 5 user to test the camera.

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