Play Store crashes and refuses to start

I just bought a Meizu M2 (not a Note) and Play Store was already installed. But the Store refuses to start and after some blue “Loading…” screen it crashes. After such a crash, Play Store is still listed as a running app.

Now I can only start the AppCenter but this is fully chinese…

How can I fix this? Please help!


@zszs follow the F.A.Q. and reinstall (same procedure as the upgrade one) the latest firmware:

Afterwards use Google Installer (1.4.4 for Flyme 4) to install Google Services. You can either get it from our firmware archive ( or the App Center.

Hi, I was having the same issues and had to flash the International version in order for it to work properly.

@Rey Thanks, this method worked fine! However, I had to use 4.5.3A Stable instead of the latest because with the latest the keyboard didn’t show up…

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