Download from Youtube (mp3 or video)?

Is there any good app without any advertisment in it that can download videos from the youtube app and convert them into mp3 files if necessary?
Or anyone knows if there is a download manager, like jdownloader for pc, available for android devices? That thing just graps everything without a problem.^^


i use and no app needed, when i need some materials for my video editing from youtube

@Dartaholics Thank you very much, This is exactly what I have been looking for!:smiley: :thumbsup:
@Rey and @Latstyle Thanks, but I am going with the app. It’s amazing, because it’s working with the youtube app, and it’s very simple to use and you can convert/download the video in all kind of file formats. Maybe you should look into it too! :)
Should also work when you use youtube via browser.

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Some sites like keepvid, savefrom, downvids, convert2mp3 can help you download YouTube videos/ audios. And you can get more details here: As for available for android devices, you can check TubeMate YouTube.

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