Any way of showing the details of battery consumption for more than the last 12 hours?

The default history of battery consumption apps/components only show the trend for the maximum of 12 hours. I’m interested on finding the screen-on time between charges, but couldn’t find a reliable way of showing that. Tried with GSam Battery Monitor but it resets the times when the phone is rebooted…

Meizu MX5

Flyme OS can not use battery more than 12 hours… :) After that you will need to charge your phone… LOL

Just a joke, but I would love to know that also…

@Pyntux well, fortunately, the battery in the Pro 5 is quite good. Probably the best I’ve had in any Android phone.


@albireox I think I had Gsam active and rebooted. Try to lock it to RAM or so, play around with the settings

Just use better battery stats…
You can find it in store or in xda…
There is nothing better. …


@Dartaholics does it show wakelock info too?

@Ultrametric it has everything you should have to see what wakes the device etc.
To install it you must be root and installs as a system app so it works great.
It’s better for your pocket to download the apk from xda.
I think it’s a must have app for every device.


@Dartaholics cool :) thanks for the info.

Update: just d downloaded it :) i am so happy that the appcenter has all the good stuff for Free :D

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@Ultrametric that’s why I told you from xda…
It’s also free there lol…
Enjoy the app its a must have.

I used GSam for about 24h just to monitor the screen on time. I tend to believe what this program shows and the times are very different from what Battery Rankings from Flyme show. The Flyme estimation shows almost double the screen on time compared to GSam. Maybe a bug, maybe just a “local” issue. Will test further.

I use gsam battery monitor. Max ecran time 19 hour.

Gsam battery monitor app is very good

Any bros care to share with how did u managed to install BBS? Thanks.!

@mzfansg just dawnload it from xda google it and click install

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