USB OTG 3.0 64GB pendrive not working

Hi All,
I am on Flyme G and my usb 2.0 8 GB OTG pendrive works but 64 GB usb 3.0 OTG pendrive is not working.
Please can someone help me with this??
Is there something wrong with pendrive or the firmware??

@Rey I am using Strontium 64GB 3.0 OTG Pendrive

This is an OTG pendrive where no cable is required.
Also i tried usb 2.0 8 gb pendrive hp with cable and its working but usb 3.0 64 gb otg pendrive is not working.
Anybody got any solution for this?

@Rey it is working with samsung s6

Please see if its file system is exFAT, as drives greater then 32GB usually come pre-formatted in exFAT. And it seems MX5 doesn’t support reading/writing in exFAT.
If it is exFAT, then you’ll have to format it in FAT32 filesystem.
Use guiformat tool for this in windows.
After formatting, MX5 should be able to mount and read/write the drive :smiley:

Alternatively, you can also install an exFAT driver for android. Search for it in playstore.

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