Changing Firmware from A to G version

i bought my pro 5 from china and it has A version installed. Should i change my A to G version? are there any benefits of doing that.
As i require only English language on my cell.

Meizu Pro 5

If you only need English, then is quite nice as a daily use

thanx will stick with G version

@Rey said:

@k00lfire basically not.
G firmwares are a disaster actually (all Flyme things were removed).

Hi Rey, I’m a new user to Pro 5, but not new to Android. Would like to now, what am I missing out with regard to the Flyme things.
As in, what r the keys things that I won’t get to enjoy if I move to G version.

Lastly, to root Pro 5 on G, is it still the same as that on A version? Thanks.


@mzfansg nothing besides that.
But still, the extra hassle isn’t worth the move to the G version.

I have an a model and have left it as such. no problems other than the occasional Chinese notification that i haven’t worked out how to turn of yet

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