Big problem with root Meizu MX5

Welcome !
My firmware : A

When I had I version of Flyme i had full root at superuser , accidentally i used “full unroot” option . Now when i want to install superuser ( I grented root rights from system options to supersu) i can see something like this "There is no SU binary installed, and supersu cannot install it. This is a problem! I used this too : . Guys, do you have some suggestions of sollution? Its very important for me .


@szpenio21 well the guide you’ve tried there was designed for Flyme 3.

First try to reinstall the firmware + clear data option and then go to Settings>Fingerprint and security.

Here you can find the root option.


I did it before , didnt work. Same thing again : “There is no SU binary installed, and supersu cannot install it. This is a problem!”


@szpenio21 thats strange.

So you installed the firmware with clear data option, right?
Then you went into the Settings and enabled root permissions.

You want to use Chainfire SU right?
Basically I did that many times and it always worked.

I solved problem by myself, thank you for your time :)

@szpenio21 why don’t you tell us how you solved the problem?

I have reinstalled A version from recovery again , then I have installed su binary by kingroot . I just wanted to switch ID of my MX5 to international version , that is why i had to get root again to use android terminal.

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