Flyme OS test firmware (MX4)


  • Added: Increase scan business cards functionality, you can add contacts directly after scanning.
  • Optimization: Modify the Home interface and operation logic, support slide switch mode.
  • Optimization: Modify judgment no recognition results logic.
  • Optimization: Optimization touch focus.


  • Optimization: Optimization of high-quality music listening rate decision logic, to prevent the problem has been the buffer can not be played.
  • Optimization: Optimization checked when the song text display.
  • FIX: After the success of non-members to buy “buy success” tips.

Lock screen

  • Fixed: Switching to limit the power saving mode, the lock screen to unlock the screen if there is a password, the lower right corner of the cancel key invalid.



  • FIX: After setting your camera to take pictures in close tone still sounds.
  • FIX: manual mode click on the screen after focusing camera preview screen displays blur.



Short changeling… I believe Stable version is near

Meizu MX4

update from 4.5.7 (root) without clearing data, works fine.
No german support
work smooth,
google play still work.
video resolution 1920*1080 ok
problems with music download (server timed out/download failed)
pre installed apps (life, map etc.) cannot removed


@xiangchang the issues aren’t issues. They are wanted changes.

Music app doesn’t bugs either, it is supposed not to work outside of China. Check our F.A.Q. for more details.

Unable to Connect to Any vpn app. I have hola installed but since im using the beta Firmware i open the app but when trying to change the country nothing happens and when trying to onpen another vpn app when i need to select i trust this app it wont let me select it its not possible is there any work around


@sk8sara8 strange.
Try OpenVPN again. For me it doesn’t asks for additional permissions though. All I had to do was to Import a profile.

On our F.A.Q. you can also find an additional guide.

Meizu MX4

thank you for the openvpn tip, it works with a vpnserver at korea

That does not help I need Hola vpn because of the different apps I have need different countries to work it worked before now no go


@xiangchang like in our guide ;)
South Korea has a pretty neat speed from Germany actually.

@sk8sara8, maybe you need to reinstall the firmware with clearing data. Otherwise there is not much you can do.

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i have probably stupid question but i must ask. I broke my meizu mx4 screen and after 3 months i fixed it and during that time i totally forgot how ti install A version of Flyme on mine International version. I know i did it before but i cant find HOW TO nowhere now because i want to try this beta.

@Rey said:

@Lazar-Tabandželić the same way how you would install an I version.
Our F.A.Q. has a pictured guide:

I’ve done it but it says file corrupt. That’s why I am in doubt what to do. I thought there is other way :)


@Lazar-Tabandželić you bought your device at a local store or EU based reseller?

If yes you have a TCCM device with a locked bootloader and need to unlock your device first.

I stayed where international flyme OS 5 version will be ready when?

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