Help with flyme tools
Meizu Pro 5

Hi guys I’m new in this forum and I have a problem with flyme tools.
I had the last beta update with flyme tools running and i had iphone icons for the notification bar (battery, networt etc) but now i’ve put the international update ( and i don´t have any icon to change the ugly notification bar :P.
If someone can help me with this or share with me this icons…



@Sayyder Hey :)

so what is your problem? Please describe it really good. (Read the Q&A, link in my sig)

Meizu Pro 5

Sorry but i have difficulties to talk in english xD.
My problem is I´ve lost the “Ios Icons” and now i can´t change the icons of the notification bar with the xposed module called “Flyme Tools”.
Now i ask you if you can give me this icons (if you have) or if you can give me an advice to get this icons i really want it. Look, now I have this notification bar. And i want this notification bar( My old notification bar)



@Sayyder READ THE Question and Answer Guide. DO IT!
It’s okay if your English is not good, but please read.

You did not state what phone you have and still some more information is missing.
So read the Q&A now! Tell us what your phone is and what firmware you are on! What version of FlymeTools you use and so on.

Meizu Pro 5

Ok, I’m so sorry this will not happen again.
My device is Meizu Pro 5.
My old version was Flyme OS and now I´ve put Flyme OS and I don´t have any problem with the system only the lost icons on flyme tools version
Before this I could change the icons of notification bar with Flyme Tools and now I could do it but I´ve missed the icons with the new version.
Could you help me ?


No, I don’t but I moved it to the right section. And hopefully there is enough information in here now, so that others can help. :)

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