Flyme's music player problems (notification-drop-down / screen off)


since yesterday, Flyme’s music player is always in the notificaton-drop down list, even when it’s closed. It won’t go away there.

Also I having trouble when I am playing music, after a few minutes when the screen goess off, the music player stops playing music.

I have Flyme’s A version installed.

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@Rey Yeah. Didn’t worked.
I managed to get it out of the notification drop down. And currently I don’t have any screen off probs. I am glad but still it is weird.

But the problem regarding the notification-drop-down is always when I open a audio file from the explorer. In the short task list the music player isn’t even listed, but the music is still running. I have to click on it on the notification drop down list, than I can see the music player in the short task list, and then I can finally close it.
But this works since I have the music player widget active.
Before that it didn’t go away.

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