messenger problem

Okey guyz i already uninstalled the programs which i wanted, but i have a problem with the app messenger… i dont have the chat aheads and i also have the old icon on messenger… i download it from google play with the latest version and look what is downloading actually… can you help me i want chat aheads. Its very uncomfortable wIthout them.

I’m not sure if your problem is about the pop-out chat on the side of the screen. In this case, check this topic:

@Mitkodj did you solved your problems?

All you need to do is go to setting->Apps->Messenger->Permissions. There you will find an option ‘Alert’ enable it now you will be able to see chat heads.
Meizu use its own icon pack thats why you are seeing old icon on messenger you can disable it go to settings->Personalization there you will find ‘Flyme style icons’ disable it now see the icon of messenger.

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