Permissions on some apps and banning

Guys, when I locked up the snapchat or instagram in auto launch, system is banning these apps, so I cant see notifications from these apps on the lock screen or notification screen, how can I fix it, Is it about rom, flyme version ?

I use
Flyme OS A

Thank you


@berkaycelik7 it doesn’t bans them, but recommends to ban it.

Whitelist them under Security>Accelerator>Settings icon>Whitelist

@Rey Thank you but still I can not see notifications fom instagram or snapchat

@berkaycelik7 I’m not using snapchat or instagram, but did you allow your apps to run in background (besides adding them to the accelerator whitelist)? I did this for my email client to get notifications working. You can find this in Settings > Battery > Rankings > your app > Allow running in background … or something like that.

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I had the same problem with Viber, just made it autolaunch and locked it into the RAM - open task manager (swipe from bottom edge) and hold on the app you want to lock, you will see an icon of padlock in the left top corner of the application card.

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I have the same problem with whatsapp.

I have well configure the security center on battery and accelerator but i have always the issue after a long time.
I do a short, i froze security application with titanium backup and everything is working fine since.

The only one problem of this tweak, is when you open the tasklist and you click on the small brush, all applications are killed even whatapp and i don’t receive anymore the notification until i open it again

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