MEIZU Don't ok google services and switch version I

Hi every body ,

Sorry for my bad english but i try to write for explain my problem.

I have a Meizu M1 note in version U and i can’t do anything.
No google service no play etc…

And i can do anything with it.

Can you help me for say me what must do ti ?
And if it’s possible to put a Internationale version on this phone ?

Thank you so much for yours answer and help :)


@Romain-Girod Already answered you in another topic but here we go again.

Read the F.A.Q., link is in my signature. It will tell you how to install the Google Play store.

And check out this topic:

Thanks for your answer.
Sorry for my bad english.

I can’t do it with it because i can’t install the google play store.
And so after can’t change the language and i would like have a new version because wiith this one it’s to difficult to understand something. :(

@Ultrametric I go chek your link for install the I version !

Thanks a lot !

I try the 2 first method but i have not sucess to put the I rom version :(

If you have a french tutorial , i would like !

Thanks for all your help !


@Romain-Girod Please do not double posts, you can edit posts by clicking the 3 dots and tag people with @name

Please respond in the guide.

Sorry for my error.

I try the method 1 because for M1 note i can just choose this one

I root my phone but when i write su in the terminal emulator the symbol $ don’t pass on #
How many times must wait ?

And what can i do it for test other thing ?


@Romain-Girod it does it instantly if you rooted the phone.

Don’t move here !

I have find help and answers in a other place :D

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