meizu m2 lock screen

I seem to have forgotten my lockscreen password, I know it is hard to bypass what are my options if any?


@David-Rodrigues well, after a certain ammout of retries the device might ask you for a Flyme password, if you have set it up.

If your device is not bound to a Flyme account you maybe want to try to boot into the recovery (shut the phone down, press Volume Up + Power) and see if it asks for a password as well.

Usually it does, but if the device might not be bound to Flyme, it might work.

Or Option 3, would be to contact and ask them for help. Usually they can unbind Flyme accounts & reset their passwords. All you need for this is an invoice, so they can be sure that the device isn’t stolen.

@Rey I did not set up a flyme account, and when I try to hard reset it asks for the lockscreen password. I have emailed them and got no answer…


@David-Rodrigues be patient. It is Sunday today anyway. Usually they should reply within 2 days.
However, your chances seem pretty bad as there is no real way to bypass the lock.

Actually the lockscreen is hooked up with Google at most devices, so you can reset the password over it.
Sadly this isn’t the case at Meizu. :disappointed:

@Rey Do you think I have to send it to china or something?


@David-Rodrigues well, if you have bought the device from an non-official reseller you are pretty much without any option as Meizu will deny any service.

So basically you have a device worth not a single cent…

@Rey They told me this
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for writing to us.
We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused and we understand your feelings.
Sorry that we also have no ways to help you to unlock the screen lock.
In this situation, we suggest you contact the seller for further solutions as soon as possible.

Apologize for the trouble again and have a nice day.


@David-Rodrigues If you sent it to China, it could happen that your phone never comes back and you just pay shipping duties for nothing.

@Ultrametric I am taking it to the store where I got it from, will update you guys on how it went. So that people that do encounter the same issue can actually have some solution.

So I went to the store and they said that this issue wasn’t covered in the warranty but they still took it and told me wait like 2 weeks, I didn’t have to pay any fee.

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