Stylus for meizu m2 note

I know there’re many generic stylus pens on the market for capacitive screens but anybody knows somenthing similar to s-pen Samsung uses for their tablets? I mean something that has smaller point and preferably is made of plastic-like material and not rubber, that can be used for meizu m2 note. It’s because these rubber tips tend to “stick” to the glass surface of the screen and overall experience is not that flawless as it is in the case of plastic-like ones.

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The Galaxy Note’s S-Pen is a special (active) stylus that requires specific hardware on the phone to function. The m2 note does not have that extra hardware required for those to work.
That being said, there are active styluses that work on most devices, but they either use silicone (“rubber”) tips like regular styluses, or a very thin metal pin that can easily scratch your screen (manufacturers recommend using a screen protector with them).
If you look around, there are textile-based styluses, but I have no experience with those.

Thanks for info. I’m getting used to a regular, generic stylus (cost almost nothing) and it’s actually not that bad, but of course very different from S-Pen. Meizu, I want stylus for Meizu M3 Note:smiley:

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