Any way to make 3rd party notification icons smaller?

So just discovered a potentially awesome xposed module tweak that forces your phone to show an actual icon for an app that is showing a notification instead of Meizu’s own kinda lazy implementation.

Only thing is that icons are kind of big. A little too big. Does anyone know of a way to make them smaller?

Mind sharing that tweak with us? Also you could try a statusbar tweaker from xposed but low chances for any of them to work on Flyme.

@Alin-Ștefan-Vălcăneanțu Sorry mate it’s the top module in the screenshot. I’ve tried MANY status bar tweak and very few work at all. I’ll try what you mentioned, though.

So the developer of this xposed module has updated it and now we have actual notification icon icons at a normal size that can be tweaked to make them even smaller (or bigger) if you wish.

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