china apps uninstall?

hello guyz, can you tell me which china apps can i uninstall? I already saw a topic for the app which can be uninstalled but now i cant find it. Can you help me?


@Mitkodj uninstall everything that you can do by “drap and drop”.

And leave the rest untouched as it’s system apps.

what do you mean wIth drap and drop?


@Mitkodj just drag and drop.

That’s how you uninstall apps in Flyme.

Touch and hold on the icon of the app you want to uninstall; drag it up to the top screen and drop it there.

Thanks man!
Viele Grüße!

m1 note

@Mitkodj you can Uninstaller anything you don’t like on your screen.
First of all, you have to root your phone.
Secondly, download Uninstall app from Google play store and choose which ones you don’t want. Be careful though. You don’t want to Uninstall something useful for the phone itself. The basic rule is that if it is on your screen and you don’t like it, Uninstall it.


@GeorgM2003 the basic rule is.

Uninstall a system app and fuck up your system with that.

Okey guyz i already uninstalled the programs which i wanted, but i have a problem with the app messenger… i dont have the chat aheads and i also have the old icon on messenger… i download it from google play with the latest version and look what is downloading actually… can you help me i want chat aheads. Its very uncomfortable wIthout them.

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