Why is used all of ram??

I buyed a new Meizu M2 Note (before have Gal… S4).
On Sam… theTouchwiz is the the most recorder in eating ram… :) 1,1GB nonstop used, no one app installed… After CyanogenMod only 500+MB. Good.

M2 Note after starting new phone 1.3GB used… :O Wtf… How optimized???
I installed only 3 apps (Snapchat, Chrome and CM launcher because I WANT MENU in android).
Ok, 90% and more ram is eated… I no have these problem never (and in SGS2 with 1GB ram too).
Where is the problem? After freeing ram 45% used only, after minute i have 70% and more used -.-

These running what I dont know what is this:
1.) Android Sytem/Settings/Storage/Phone service (164MB)
2.) KeyguardTestActivity/System UI (184MB)
3.) Google Play services (103MB)
4.) Google Play Store (199MB)
5.) Flyme Home Screen (109MB) and I dont use it…
6.) Settings (125MB)
7.) Google Play services (again 103MB)
8.) Android System (55MB again)
9.) Security (82MB)
10.) Search (87MB and I never used it)
11.) … and there is a lot, phone 2x and others… Then no free memory have…

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Because it’s android os, not a windows platform where you need to free your ram so that it could work normally.


What Malestro wants to say:
Don’t worry. Android cleans the RAM itself the way it is currently needed.

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