Flyme Tools 5 [EN] SPLIT SCREEN! and some other cool stuff


● I have tried the content of this post on my device and it works

● If some problem occurs I don’t mind helping

Thanks to the creator of the app as well as the Russian guys who translate it

Requirements: Have Xposed installed on your device


  1. Install the apk
  2. Go to Xposed and Activate the module
  3. Restart

How to have Multi-Widow on all the apps (Flyme Tools 2.51 or greater needed)
How to get full Volume controll (Flyme Tools 2.50 or greater needed)

Thanks to @showofdeth for this post
Chinise app
Credits to the Developers: Заурик & @Максим-Ногин
And for sharing this app: BaaDNwZ

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Thanks for translating and writing it down here. Pinned the topic.

Meizu MX5

I never used Xposed and flyme tools on Meizu, so my question is, does this works on every device (I am using MX5) or just on Meizu pro 5?

Meizu Pro 5

Thank you very much bro, you are awesome !! :smiley:

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@Pyntux yes it works on the MX5.

To install Xposed just use the guide in the pro 5 section.

Remark: It’s more about the Android Version it runs on… and there both phones are identical.

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Where are ma credits bro?
And ty to translate the post!

I didn’t know you had an account here, I’ll update the post
Could you give me your account name on XDA Developers? So I can add you there too, If you have one

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@Asiier And where are my credits for finding the method and posting about my findings here, bra?

:joy: :joy: Okay give a second

Unfortunately both methods are not working for me,the first apk is not getting installed at all and the method described for the second apk cannot be implemented as the:/data/app/com.zhixin.flyme does not exist and creating it with correct permissions doesn’t work.
I’ve got a pro 5 64gb flyme os; rooted with xposed installed .
Any help would be appreciated.

@Asiier said:

:joy: :joy: Okay give a second

I’m just teasing ya, guy. haha

That’s weird that it doesn’t even install, Could you share a screenshot of the error?

@sammis DL and install the rus/eng one and install it. Then DL the “base” one then move and place over the one already in root /data/app and set permissions to rwrr

@ShadowOfDeth @sammis
Yeah try that

Meizu MX4

Sorry to butt in like this, but we need you Pro5 owners to help us in the photography forum.

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