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  • MX3 353 stuck in bootloop, method2 (faq) doesn't help


    my ~2 year old MX3 M353 is stuck in boot loop. The problem appeared unexpectedly while charging and watching youtube. No apps were installed or updates made. I can boot to recovery mode but…

    I tried the FAQ method 2 with a couple of different firmwares. I copied the .bin to the Recovery folder then tried to update and use Clear Data.
    Every try resulted in the same endless bootloop.

    I believe I had the lates firmware version, but I am not 100% sure about that. I did replace the phone charging doc a few weeks ago, but i doubt this error is in connection with that, since afterwards everything was working just fine.

    Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

  • You are not applying the method2 correctly : .img don’t have be place in recovery … You need to use commandline… Look at tutorial again from steps 8 to 13

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • Can you post the link to the correct tutorial please?

  • @bartholomaeus Right, there is 2 tutorials yours is
    The other one i was thinking of was
    My bad^^

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • How can I do any of these steps? I am not getting further than the Flyme loading Screen. Then it starts booting all over again (“Meizu”). Method 2 starts with “8. Start the Terminal Emulator and run (type) the super user command”. I suppose this is the APK running on my phone - impossible for me.

    Something like doing all this from a PC would probably help for me. Method 3 requires some installations on the phone too. And I am also only able to reach the Recovery partition, nothing else.

  • @bartholomaeus I lead to confusion here. The tutorial i mentioned won’t apply for mx3 (but many others)

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • Ok thanks for trying. Still… What can I do?

  • This seems to be only a software issue. There must be some method to wipe the whole phone clean and start from new. At this point I don’t care about loosing data any more.

    Anybody out there who can help me?

  • Alone the fact that the device crashed out of nowhere, indicates it is more than just a software issue.
    For me it looks like a hardware failure, especially if you consider the fact that reflashing the firmware with clearing data showed no reaction.

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  • I finally found out the real reason:
    A broken charger destroyed the motherboard. Must have been some excess voltage olt. I replaced the whole thing for 50 bucks and now it works again.
    … and i threw this shitty charger out.

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