Stuck in Recovery mode


While i was updating the firmware from Flyme to Flyme i accidentally shutdown the phone while it was on ADB …now the phone is in an infinity loop restart and recovery mode . I connect it to my pc while in recovery mode and trying to upgrade the the system by copying the firmware (tried and to the recovery drive but then when it is checking the firmware says firmware corrupt every time. Also tried to format the recovery drive but keeps the same problem.
model : M571M
Can anyone help me?

P.S.: I know that there is an already topic but i didn’t find my answer as i have tried all of the things in that topic…
P.S. 2: Sorry for my English :)


@VVaR3w0Lf Use the A firmware.

Try to update from Recovery as you did before but with an A firmware.

@Ultrametric It worked!! thank a lot man! with

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