Meizu PRO 5 stuck on Meizu's logo after downgrade and reboot.

Haven’t find the solution on the forum, so decided to start the new topic.

I was trying to downgrade firmware on my Meizu pro 5 from the 5th A version to the 4.5 I version, was doing that through the Terminal like descrided on the forum “” was using the variant with terminal. Previously I used to upgrade with this method from 4.5 A version to 4.5 I vesion then tried the 5.0 A varsion and decided to downgrade to the 4.5 I version but after reboot my phone stuck on logo. Cleaning to the data factory settings with (Power+volume up+Central button) doesn’t help and recovery mode is “locked and rooted”, is there any solution ?

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@Tarasevi4 have you tried volume up + power and then just “clear data” ?

Yes I tried, it makes cleaning then reboot and situation unchanged.

@Tarasevi4 said:

Yes I tried, it makes cleaning then reboot and situation unchanged.

well, the only other option I think is to boot into recovery, connect the phone to computer, copy a chinese firmware on it ( and then flash it normally. After the ROM installs you should repeat the procedure to install the International one.

For me it only happened once to remain stuck at boot logo, but after I wiped data it installed correctly.

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Meizu Pro 5

Entering recovey need only volup+power …Look at the FAQ, everything is clearly written.

Beside this, maybe it would be better to downgrade to a A version rather than I one. Clearly and to reduce risks just stick for now to the “original” device type. Futhermore, you will only need to copy the (no need to convert, no commandlines…)

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As I mentioned in my first message recovery mode is not available when I press “Power”+ “volume down” on starting phone in says that recovery mode is “locked and rooted”

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@Tarasevi4 as @Kikounet95 said, vol-up+ power and then connect the phone to the computer. It should auto install the drive in which you can copy the

Tried on Win10 works, on my Win XP don’t work.
Trouble solved, thanks for help.

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