Google contacts sync doesn't work fine

Hello. Yesterday I took my brand new PRO5.

  1. I changed firmware from to 5.1 2.0.A.
  2. I installed and run google installer from app center
  3. I clared store data and cache data for all google apps
  4. Everything is working fine (google play, calendar, maps) besides contacts sync
  5. I tried to delete account, clear data/cache and recreate - it didn’t help.

Any ideas how to fix it?



You could try to only sync it with Google, so disable sync for the flyme account.

  1. disable sync for google
  2. disable sync for flyme account
  3. enable sync for google

reboot and wait a bit.

I figured it out. We have to change the date to previous, than sync. Everything is working fine after changing date.

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Hi @zaksmok where did you change the date to previous? I am having the same issue. Thanks!

Never mind, I was able to resolved it.

Dear friend
The solution is simple. Ultrametric reported.
After reboot, open Wi-Fi and wait a bit (3-5 min) After sync you will be ready

I have the same issue on a Meizu MX5 with a fresh Flyme beta, it was working perfectly before the factory reset but now it’s not showing any contacts. Tried all workarounds mentioned in this forum but without success.

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