25% Battery Drain over Night?

Hi Guys i am running my Miezu M2 with tihe latest A Version. At the moment there is no Sim Card installed and it is connected Just via Wlan at home. This morning i recognized that it losts 25% battery over night. I have no Special apps installed. Wakelock Detector Shows 3% wakelock? I habe flashed an official Rom and just freezed the Securiyt app. It is rooted and thats it with the Modifications… any idea?

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@hotdogg It’s pretty bad, to be honest.

Sometimes it’s getting better sometimes it’s worse but values between 10% to 20% are nothing special for Flyme.

Oha this is really really bad. with my MI4c from xiaomi i only loss 1% over night… i hope they´ll fix it…
Thx for your answer

Try uses doze, greenify and powerpro.

Meizu Pro 6

@hotdogg So you are using it without sim card? Try putting it in airplane mode and then just enable the WiFi manually. I’m wondering if the cellular radio is doing funny stuff when there is no sim card. At least it’s worth a try.

Thanks Guys, i will try this night. Today i reflashed the Software and switched form A to I Version Due to massive Notofocation Problems in the A version…

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