Flyme 5 on (I)nternational Firmware

Hi there

Any news when Flyme5 will be released for the international firmware? I’m on now…

Regards Matthias


@ch_swat_89 There will never be a Flyme 5 International Firmware.

But that doesn’t matter. All Meizu did is renamed it. The International firmware is now called global .

And the latest global stable firmware is Flyme, you have to update yourself.

Please read the F.A.Q. and head to the firmware section to find the here stated firmware.

But the german language is not very well translated ond G-Version. Will this be updated?

Hi, do you have the "G"version? Are the ‘Umlaute’ like “Ä, Ö, Ü” in the german language?

Greetings! :sunglasses:


@Bundix I’m on G with the Mx5, what makes no difference.

And my mother tongue is German. What exactly do you want? And where exactly do you want these letters?

@ch_swat_89 I hope so, I will find the errors and hand in corrections. Within the next two weeks.

If you find issues with the German language please report it to me.
And I will pass it on. I’m the only German speaking in the global beta team.

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Hi, after getting the Pro5 with “I”-version, I found out that the international version has those “ä,ö,ü”. Now my next step is to change to “G”.
By the way: the translation to german is not too bad.
best regads


@Bundix It’s horrible bad!

Flyme is shitty translated.

What’s not so bad are the google translations!

Just a screenshot to proof my point.

Find the errors


To see what’s wrong you don’t even have to speak German. It’s very obvious that English Dominates in the FlymeOS-German.

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