Meizu M2: Security -> Energy -> Apps Standby does not work

Hello Guys, i bought the Meizu M2 for my wife.nice fone but we have Problem with some apps that automtically close in Standby and we dont get any Notifications. We have already set autstart for these apps and we try to set the app as locked on the enrgy settings, but it always is set back when i restart the phone or close tha app. can someone help us? i ave flashed the latest Version


You need to include them in the memory whitelist, which you can find in the Security App.
Alternatively you may disable the Security Center.

Where can i find the memory whitelist? i try to activate em on:security -> power -> app management. i really want to use the securty app :)


@hotdogg on Flyme 5 there is the “Accelerator” tab. However, on Flyme 4 it is not available as far as I remember, so you have to freeze it :P

F*ck hehe… i dont like if i have to freeze it.ill try and wit for an update…

How can i freeze it? is Root needed for it?

Security app might be bugged in your version of Flyme. Try if this works:

  1. Power Status -> App management (bottom right icon) -> Check apps to keep running when idle.

  2. Permissions -> Auto launch -> Check apps to allow auto launch
    Permissions -> Notify -> Check to allow notifications/alerts.

  3. Cleaner -> Settings (gear icon in upper right corner) -> Memory acceleration white list -> Add apps.

After that I don’t have problems with missing notifications in

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