My Meizu can't update at all

Hi ! I’m Xavseg from France, i’m new on this forum.

So here’s my problem : I’ve got a Meizu MX-5 with Flyme and I can’t update at all !
Whatever update I download (e.g. the, when I launch the, the phone restarts and then write “Firmware Corrupt”…
I tried to make a “Clean System” but It didn’t changed anything :disappointed:

So if someone have the solution or even only an “hint”, it’s welcome :smile:

Thanks !

Meizu Pro 5

@xavseg Either ensure your are owning an “I” version or try download your firmware again

Nope, just solved it, I was downloading the MX4 firmwares … Shame on me x)


Marked as solved and will close the topic.

If you run into a similar problem, check out the F.A.Q. link is in my signature before. Do this before you open a topic!

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