Camera app disappeared

Hello Meizu fans , really happy to find this forum with people interested in Meizu phones.
This is my first post and i hope i can get some help and help others in the future .

I bought a Meizu Mx4 and arrived couple days ago with 4.2.2A Flyme , when i tried to take a picture the camera app started on the front facing camera and there was no option switching to the rear shooter.
Then i downloaded the latest stable rom , checked clear user data and flashed the, when the phone did boot the camera app was completely missing.I tried different camera apps and none was working all of them were switching to the selfie cam.
After that i decided to flash a testing rom i think it was the after the phone booted up the camera app was there and working good , both cameras. Then for some reason i factory reset my phone and the camera app disapeared again . In the beginning i thought it might be a faulty camera module but it did work with the so im thinking it might be some kernel issue maybe?
I would really appreciate if somebody has an idea or solution.
thank you[link text](link url)

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Just downgraded to nothing showed up this time…is there any posibility being a bad camera module connection?

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