White screen problem

Hello everyone. I need your urgent help on this issue. I have been using Meizu MX5 for 4 months now. But yesterday something unusual happened. With out any physical damage, any software upgrade, my phone’s screen start to behave crazy.

Screen became white out of nowhere. I was trying to switch off and on the phone to get something. And it became normal. Without knowing any reason it screen went white again.

I did hard reset and re-installed firmware again just eliminate the software problem. It worked. However, in the morning I woke up and saw that the problem came back.

I am thinking it could be a physical damage. Because when I gently squeeze the phone I can see the abnormal change on the screen (i.e appearing flyme sign and moving around abnormally). Here is the picture of the phone

Please help me on this issue as I have no idea how deal with it. Thanks in advance for your time and insights.


Looks like a hardware failure.
Either a cable got lose or the screen simply broke.

@Rey Do you think I can fix it with opening the cover and checking the connection between board and screen? The thing is normal screen comes back sometime. But temporarily. So I think screen is OK. Even with this situation sensor recognize my finger. I can hear the sound of unlocking screen.

Hi Sadi

I have the same issue today. Screen gone mad without no reason. Do you have any update on that. If you dont, i will be contacting with meizu since the failures are exactly the same. In addition, i received no failure beforehand.

Let me know if there is any update



@agirnasli Meizu will provide no support, unless you have an invoice from an official retailer.
So you will have to search on AliExpress for a replacement like all the others.

@agirnasli Hi,

I don’t have any update, unfortunately. There are 4 or 5 people having the same error. But no solution so far.

I didn’t bother contacting Meizu, since I bought it from AliExpress. So I think Meizu will not take any responsibility for an unofficial retailers.

This is really frustrating. I contacted my seller, and they giving no shit. Even they give 1 year warranty. Disappointing.

I haven’t tried replacement myself. But if you want to do it, you can find replacement on Aliexpress, varying around 90 - 120 USD.

And please keep in mind that buy the replacement with the FRAMES. Otherwise, it will be pain in the ass to change it. But if you buy the ones with frame, you can replace it by yourself, or any service can do.

Hope it helps. And please don’t forget to share your solution. Cheers

Hi Sadi,

I also bought it from AX. My seller suggested contacting with Meizu on behalf of me, but considering shipping costs and no guarantee of fixing, i ordered a new screen as suggested by @Rey. Now i am waiting for the screen to arrive. The good thing is it is easy to replace. :)

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