How sending media with Whatsapp?


I wanted to send a friend a audio file with Whatsapp.
I clicked on the paper-clip at the top and chose AUDIO.
Then I could chose between 2 actions: Flyme’s Music Player and Whatsapp Recorder.
So what do I need to do to get to the Music folder, choose a file and send it to my friend? Is a extra app requiered? Or must I (dis)activate something in the settings?

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Do it over the file explorer, flyme Musik doesn’t recognize most of the files.

@Wisausnk And how do I do that? Can’t find anything like that.

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@Wisausnk Ah thanks… but it doesn’t work.
I have Whatsapp open, but Whatsapp isn’t in the sharing list.
I can only choose between
Email, Web messages, Bluetooth and Memos.

Maybe the file is to big becouse it definitely works

@Wisausnk Meh, I don’t think so. It’s just 1 MB.
Damn it, why haven’t I that option. :(

I checked the Whats app settings and security permissions (just to be sure, I set all on allowed) still it is not listed in the sharing option/list.
Tried it when Whatsapp was running in the background and closed, didn’t worked.

Edit: Ok it’s working now with the explorer. My fault was that I tried the sharing with an apk file.
So is there a messenger which allows sending all kind of files?

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