Disconnecting & operator name?

Hi there, i flashed stable to my meizu mx4 pro. Its disconnecting constantly? No service and then about 1min it founds it? Could it be that sim-card is too small or something? Or what?

There is no operator name anymore in that firmware version? And volume up button is working very badly…

Carrier name is invisible yes but the other problems are strange I never had this on my mx4 pro. Did you try to clear data on updating?

@Wisausnk hi, yes i made factory reset… I have read something about different sim-cards? That some cards wont work? Is there any fix? Like changing sim-card reader or something? So okay operator name should not be visible anymore. Thanks for that info!

Yeah but if the sim card is the problem, why did it work on the oder firmware? This makes no sense.

And you can see the operator on lockscreen and notification panel.

@Wisausnk it didnt work older firmware.

Than its Possible that the sim has some contact problems

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