Google acc & google play

Hi, I bought new fresh meizu m2 and i’m so happy! but i have a problem… when i’m trying to define my account in any way (going into gmail, google play, setting) i’m getting the loading for like 3-4 secs and then it’s just goes back where it came from (i mean, if i was in “accounts, settings” then i tapped on “add account” it just ““loads”” me for 3-4 secs and goes back to the accounts, setting thing. how can i fix this, please?

Similar issues with GAPPs have been discussed, you can search for. See eg

thank you my friend! but i succeeded to fix the problem.
if anyone else have the same problem he needs to do the factory reset, it works just fine now :)

ok it did it again… i don’t know what to do… i tried to do the factory reset but it won’t work now…

@tzaxcu What do you mean by factory reset?
When you receive a device it is always recommended to install a fresh firmware with clear data option! Look at the F.A.Q!

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