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Hi Meizufans,

Im having an issue the most Meizu phone users has experienced too. Since I got my Meizu, I was really pleased about the speed and quality of this phone. Sadly: the notifications such as Whatsapp, Gmail, Skype, Facebook etc. seems to be disabled. I checked on this forum and on XDA developers, but not really a solution what really helps well. What i’ve done:

  • I put Gmail, Whatsapp etc. in a lock (RAM lock??) so it stays active on background
  • I’ve disabled the Security features for these apps
    –> And yes, i’ve set the apps active at Security -> Power -> App Managment. Totally, there 19 apps kept when standby.
  • I upgraded to the newest version of Flyme ( , Android 5.0.1)
  • WiFi -> Advanced -> WLAN Sleep is turned OFF

Im kinda annoyed that these notifications are disabled. Also. When I go the “Security” in the settings, and jump over to “Notification Access” I have Pushbullet and Samsung Gear listed there. However, after an XX hours the Notification Access is not checked anymore for Gear and Pushbullet.

Its a big problem while considering buying a smartphone if the notifications doesnt work perfectly.

Anyone, please, got a fix?

For example: Someone sent me a message on 07.57PM and I received it on 08.39PM. Its not constantly searching for messages but it has to.

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@Basho Notifications are an issue of Flyme 5.x as of now. And there is no working method.

Some workaround may give you up to ~90% of notifications… but getting every single notification is not possible, right now.

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@Basho I haven’t been having any notification problems on my MX4 for quite a long time.

When I at some point did have some notification problems I added Google Services Framework to the list of apps that were allowed to keep running in the background. That seemed to solve my problems but I’m not 100% sure that this really was the change that caused the problems to go away. It may have been a coincidence. But you can give it a try.

@generationally Thnx for your reply. I already added this to my list.

@Ultrametric Alright. That kinda sucks. I guess the next update will be far away. Except if Meizu goes to Lolipop. Maybe they’re waiting for it. Do you have any info?


@Basho Flyme is already Lolipop based!
Maybe try upgrading to Flyme 5.

Also use edit button!

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@Rey Oops. Ofcourse I meant Marshmallow :smiley:

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