Flyme OS 5 Beta Request

Can anyone please leak the international update? Cheers in advance! :kissing_heart:


@Hervana-Wijaya-Kusuma That’s not the international one.

And sorry but there is no global / international version of Flyme 5 right now.

@Alin-Ștefan-Vălcăneanțu There wont be a global / international Flyme 5 for the Meizu m2 note before March / April

@Ultrametric is there any chance that it comes to M2 as well?


@Slihy Yes the Meizu M2 will get Flyme 5.

But not before March / April.

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@cauz Can you install on devece with international firmvare?

@stanisic I’m guessing the update can be installed with recovery.

I have international device. Can I update it with the new release beta of flyme 5 in the chinese website?

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