Hi all,

Been waiting along time for get the UK international version of the Pro 5.

It arrived yesterday via Amazon, and my first impressions where good. But then I doug a little deeper on setting the phone up and I have some issues that I hope the commituty can help me on:

  • Google Play was pre loaded but took about 5 mins and several re freshes of the app before it would eventually load for me to load my usall apps
  • I cannot see an easy way to use a 3rd party sms app, it seems locked to the Flyme one. Can I change this - cannot see in the settings an option
  • The most inportant one for me is that I use my phone alot for my work in HiFi - One of the main reasons why I brought the phone for its headphone output performance. But now with the Pro 5 it does not support USB hosting which is a big shame as all my DAC’s will now not work. Bearing in mind that I have had other phones far cheaper than than the Pro 5 that all have USB hosting and work well on any DAC I use.

Is this something that Meizu are addressing in anyway firmware wise ?

If not then I will need to sell the PRO 5 ( I wish I did not have too) in order to get this function back.

Please Help!

@sonybuoy I think the first run of the googple play store is a bit buggy but after a few minutes its back to normal. I installed Google play on my chinese version and I never had any issue with it.
I tried downloading a 3rd party text app and I can change mine. You need to go in Settings>Apps and swtich to the Default apps tab. You will see SMS and you can change it.
Also if you connect your DAC through the usb port, why does the headphone output power matter since you are not using it when you plug in your own DAC? I don’t think the Pro 5 supports music out through the USB out yet but I might be wrong.

@Anice29 Thanks for your feedback.

I can update you on a few things:

The phone is running Flyme OS

Google store is now working fine no issues at all after the initial first time buggy set up

I have tried many 3rd txt apps all come with the same error “No preferred sim selected for sending SMS messages” this is after it has been set up in the settings menu as a default txt service.

In regards the DAC, I don’t need to use the headphones whilst using the DAC. I use headphones on the phone when on the move but when at work or home I plug in my Oppo HA2 to listen to DSD, DSF files. All other phones I have ever had including Oppo R7 series all supported this. To me if they do not support USB hosting they are missing out a big market of uses who wish to use external hardware, and Lollipop supports this!

It would be interesting to hear Meizu’s take on it as if they don’t I will have a Pro 5 for sale very soon and I would be disappointed as the Pro 5 have massive potential.

@sonybuoy For the 3rd party messaging app, maybe upgrading to flyme 5 global version would fix that.
I think the USB type C did come with some drawbacks and mainly the support for USB hosting. The Pro 5 does have really good potential but I’m a bit disappointed with the sound quality so far. Removing Dirac HD was a big hit for me and the sound quality hasn’t been amazing but just good so far.

@Anice29 What version of firmware would i go for, is Meizu not rolling the latest version out as an OTA?

On the USB C Oneplus two supports it and that came out eariler than the Pro 5.

Having played with it more I am finding more problems with it. Like if you hold the phone in landscape mode and hold the corner opposite side the front camera Wifi will stop working!
Also if I type and need to correct an type error, normally you can place your finger on the text so the cursor goes to that position. I get it to work about once in every twenty.

Based on this is supposed to be a high end phone the interface feels clunky and not fluid or polished as you would expect.

I have a real love hate relationship with this phone.

On the sound: I have always turned off the Dirac HD and found the sound acceptable and I am using all sorts of headphones from 20,50,100,250 GBP on this device. I was always expecting a wow factor from the audio side of things and so far it has failed to deliver.

It would be interesting to see what Meizu’s take on this is. As I struggle to get any support in Europe on this.

@sonybuoy I don’t really know about the international version since I imported the chinese version. I never had any issue with wifi though. .I don’t know if anyone else has that issue. The oneplus two has usb on the go but no fast charging for its big battery. I guess every manufacturer has to lose a feature or two to be able to be the first to implement the USB Type C format. I’m sure Meizu could have found a way to put USB on the go on it but I guess they didn’t really bother about that . I also have that cursor issue with text but I did get used to it although its annoying. The interface has been very responsive for me to be honest with rarely any lag. If you still have Dirac HD then you probably have the old music player. The new one has a much more polished user interface but without the Dirac HD option. I was also not impressed in terms of audio and sometimes I could even hear lots of distortion in my music which is annoying. That’s mainly the reason why I sold mine on eBay and bought a small M2 note to be able to download music from the Music app.

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USB OTG works like charm on my Pro5 (chinese version), even powered external HDD 2.5" 320GB on NTFS and showed everithing in no time. I can check what cable I ordered on AliExpress.

@Николай-Младенов Please tell us what otg adapter you use ?

I think u have to try different usb c adapter, I read some stuff about it and I found out that all of the usb type c phones have problems to work with all available adapters. I don’t have DAC but I really suggest you to try buying different adapter before throwing this wonderful phone out of the window. As far as I know there is no usb type c DAC.

Got this cable , and so far no problem with flash memory, wireless mouse/kbd, ext HDD, even charging other phones :metal:

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