• Weather warnings: Weather warnings under the new switch, adjust the alert logic, a number of early-warning information, the default display only the most recent one.
  • Weather widget: new 4 * 2 weather clock widget, click plug-enter the clock and around the region were weather applications.
  • Font: Optimizing weather application for third-party fonts adaptation.


  • Added: increase physical buttons to answer the prompt interface Full Screen Caller.
  • Optimization: Modify the dial-up fails Copywriting Tips.
  • FIX: Message recording list screen, click on the audio file of the contact picture, unable to enter the contact details screen.
  • FIX: When playing call recording, you can not play the next song by headphone wire.
  • FIX: enter the call recording interface, Talkback voice broadcast misstatements as call waiting.
  • FIX: When playing the message recording, click the play button or the Close button, Talkback voice broadcast incorrect.
  • FIX: information application, some buttons are not Talkback voice playback.


  • Optimization: Optimization comments page point number display mechanisms like.
  • Optimization: sliding around the screen displays the progress while trimming full-screen playback, display the playback controls.
  • Optimization: Video details interface increases transition animation when switching Tab.
  • Optimization: without ending the application process, the memory manually adjust the video brightness.
  • Fix: Feedback to play mkv format video without sound.
  • FIX: Unable to see subtitles on white background issues.

Status Bar

  • Fix: Under the lock screen notification relatively long time, battery percentage display incomplete.
  • FIX: QQ music for the first time into the state bar the wrong color, the wrong color and after switching themes.

Documents Management

  • Optimization: Optimize file management - Remote interface layout.
  • Optimization: Picture category Add folder name is displayed Notes.
  • Optimization: Optimize cloud disk image browsing search results order.
  • Optimization: Modify the logic operation is performed in the cloud disk search page.
  • Repair: In split-screen mode, the index category list all overlap.
  • Repair: Repair document management and cloud disk portion of questions about Talkback.


  • Fix: Wake Up and consumption more problems.


  • Added: catalog interface, drag the slider to increase functionality.
  • Optimization: Optimization local TXT opening speed.
  • Optimization: Updated version of Charting Interface.
  • Optimization: Updating Books bookstore entry style.