Flyme OS test firmware (m1 note)


  • Weather warnings: Weather warnings under the new switch, adjust the alert logic, a number of early-warning information, the default display only the most recent one.
  • Weather widget: new 4 * 2 weather clock widget, click plug-enter the clock and around the region were weather applications.
  • Font: Optimizing weather application for third-party fonts adaptation.


  • Added: increase physical buttons to answer the prompt interface Full Screen Caller.
  • Optimization: Modify the dial-up fails Copywriting Tips.
  • FIX: Message recording list screen, click on the audio file of the contact picture, unable to enter the contact details screen.
  • FIX: In the call log details page displays the direct call recording, screen will automatically put out near the ear, then bright screen and stop playback recording.
  • FIX: When playing call recording, you can not play the next song by headphone wire.
  • FIX: enter the call recording interface, Talkback voice broadcast misstatements as call waiting.
  • FIX: When playing the message recording, click the play button or the Close button, Talkback voice broadcast incorrect.
  • FIX: information application, some buttons are not Talkback voice playback.


  • Optimization: Optimization comments page point number display mechanisms like.
  • Optimization: sliding around the screen displays the progress while trimming full-screen playback, display the playback controls.
  • Optimization: Video details interface increases transition animation when switching Tab.
  • Optimization: without ending the application process, the memory manually adjust the video brightness.
  • Fix: Feedback to play mkv format video without sound.
  • FIX: Unable to see subtitles on white background issues.

Status Bar

  • Fix: Under the lock screen notification relatively long time, battery percentage display incomplete.
  • FIX: QQ music for the first time into the state bar the wrong color, the wrong color and after switching themes.

Documents Management

  • Optimization: Optimize file management - Remote interface layout.
  • Optimization: Picture category Add folder name is displayed Notes.
  • Optimization: Optimize cloud disk image browsing search results order.
  • Optimization: Modify the logic operation is performed in the cloud disk search page.
  • Repair: In split-screen mode, the index category list all overlap.
  • Repair: Repair document management and cloud disk portion of questions about Talkback.


  • Fix: Wake Up and consumption more problems.


  • Added: catalog interface, drag the slider to increase functionality.
  • Optimization: Optimization local TXT opening speed.
  • Optimization: Updated version of Charting Interface.
  • Optimization: Updating Books bookstore entry style.



google store problem
Clear open and close
Message open and close

@karsavar said:

google store problem
Clear open and close
Message open and close

No issues here
Dirty flashed from .1.12

No issues too. Never cleared data since the first version of flyme 5.

There is a problem for me at least in this two last beta versions.
Wen i gone home, i have to unblock the phone for wifi connecting

No problems here also after dirty flashing over previous .12 version.

All applications run perfectly.


Google store
clear open and close
issue continues

m1 note

@karsavar Best question, very anoying :) Please share if you find

@karsavar Download a proper launcher from the Play Store. There is no reason to use the Flyme Launcher.

I recommend Nova Launcher Prime. Highly customisable so you can, if you really really want to, make it look like the Flyme one.

I didn’t get any notification after update to flyme 5. who got this problem?


@chittapanu it is well known and related to Flyme 5 being badly optimized.
You need to check the Security Center and whitelist the app in the memory acceleration settings.

m1 note

still no unread count badges on the dock for at least the sms and calls with the stock flyme launcher.
anyone figured how to hack that without rooting? flyme tools didn’t seem to work or at least the 1.8.6 version that i tried.

Guys how is your 3G consumption?
I have the feeling that the battery is draining a lot with this Rom.

I have the same setup as before.

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