Flyme OS test firmware (MX4)


  • Weather warnings: Weather warnings under the new switch, adjust the alert logic, a number of early-warning information, the default display only the most recent one.
  • Weather widget: new 4 * 2 weather clock widget, click plug-enter the clock and around the region were weather applications.
  • Font: Optimizing weather application for third-party fonts adaptation.


  • Added: increase physical buttons to answer the prompt interface Full Screen Caller.
  • FIX: Message recording list screen, click on the audio file of the contact picture, unable to enter the contact details screen.


  • Optimization: Optimization comments page point number display mechanisms like.
  • Optimization: sliding around the screen displays the progress while trimming full-screen playback, display the playback controls.
  • Optimization: Video details interface increases transition animation when switching Tab.
  • Optimization: without ending the application process, the memory manually adjust the video brightness.

Status Bar

  • Fix: Under the lock screen notification relatively long time, battery percentage display incomplete.
  • FIX: QQ music for the first time into the state bar the wrong color, the wrong color and after switching themes.

Documents Management

  • Optimization: Optimize file management - Remote interface layout.
  • Optimization: Picture category Add folder name is displayed Notes.
  • Optimization: Optimize cloud disk image browsing search results order.
  • Optimization: Modify the logic operation is performed in the cloud disk search page.
  • Repair: In split-screen mode, the index category list all overlap.


  • Fix: Wake Up and consumption more problems.


  • Added: catalog interface, drag the slider to increase functionality.
  • Optimization: Optimization local TXT opening speed.
  • Optimization: Updated version of Charting Interface.
  • Optimization: Updating Books bookstore entry style.



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I wonder where the files are coming in after moving it to vault… I tried 2 pictures of me to ‘Move to Vault’ but there’s no Vault folder or apps from the ALL Files application. Everyone? Thanks!

Has anyone figured out how to reach Home screen when inside an application? Two examples: when I am in Chrome, by pressing Home button it will only go back one page and not Home; when I work with Runkeeper, if I press back it will ask to cancel the tracking or continue, without the possibility to go back to Home screen and run another application at the same time.

Thanks in advance!

Meizu Pro 6

@CoolZone Swipe up on the home button instead of pressing it

mx4 global version when? long time i wait

@generationally Ok, that did it, thanks a bunch!

Firmware Corrupt,
why i got this error? i we got same error before on older versions, so i cant install anything higher than 4.5.7I


@dainius87 where you got your device from?
If it is a TCCM device your bootloader is locked.

Alternatively be sure to tick “Clear Data” when upgrading.

who knows where its bought from, i just know where i bought it from, its from Europen Union,
CLEAR DATA does the same…

i installed it then ibstallwd google service installer … all good till i downloaded facebook it won’t dOwnload tHere’s erorr retriving data from server any help please .


i am using it about a week now.
So far i have only noticed a few buggs/flaws.

1: CPU seems throttled back. According to cpu-z and cpu spy Clockspeed is limited to 1680MHz, even in antutu the cpu will not clock higher. The 400Mhz step is not used eighter.

2: i am unable to see any performance differances in balances/performance or economy mode - even antutu stays the same: 44k Points. Battery behaves the same too.

3: tools like weather widgets or lama somehow stop working over night, even with autorun permission and notification permissions set. they are alsow excluded from the ground apps that are halted after the fone idled for 3 minutes.

4: dont know if possible but i’d like to use the homekey to switch on the display, instead of the display gesture - this way the screen digitilizer could shout down, saving a little more power while the phone is not used…

Still love the fone, to bad the mx5 got bigger :(

Meizu Pro 6

@Black-Sheep Here are my experiences with the battery modes and Geekbench 3 (single/multi):

  • In ‘Saving’ mode, all 4 A7 cores can be active but no A17 cores (Geekbench: 443/1255)
  • In ’ Balance’ mode, all 4 A7 cores + 2 A17 cores can be active (Geekbench: 715/2185)
  • In 'Performance mode, all 4 A7 cores + all 4 A17 cores can be active (Geekbench: 763/3051)

Antutu v6 seems to behave quite differently compared to v5. The A17 cores are hardly activated in the Antutu v6 tests. It seems that GPU performance is weighted more than CPU performance now. I get 43k on both Balance and Performance mode and 33k on Saving mode.

Regarding CPU frequencies then this is what I see:

  • If only 2 A7 cores are active, they can run up to 1.86GHz. If all 4 A7 cores are active, all A7 cores are limited to max 1.69GHz.
  • The A17 cores run up to 2GHz. I believe these used to run up to 2.2GHz in the KitKat firmwares (Geekbench single core score was above 1000).

Thanks for clarification. What tool are you using to see cpu frequencys for each core?

The mx4 is supposed to run the a17 cores at 2.2ghz… that’s what the manual says…

Meizu Pro 6

@Black-Sheep I use Kernel Toolkit for observing the frequencies and MediaTek Multicore Observer to see the activity of the cores.

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