[HELP] Stuck on Flyme , cannot downgrade..

Help, i’m stuck on flyme beta version, want to downgrade but always says firmware corrupt, tried firmware 4.0.4 I , and , and nothing… also tried wiping data and factory reset and nothing, all the time firmware corrupt…

i’m doing thing because in Flyme, i can’t receive push notifications, not whatsapp,messenger, facebook, gmail, etc…

i need to open all the time the apps and then refresh so i can get the new messages…

please help

thank you very much

Try to downgrade to 4.5.6I. It works in my case.

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tried, didn’t work :disappointed: … thanks anyway

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First delete update OTA file, if you have it already downloaded on your device, then downgrade to 4.0.4 I and update to 4.5.6 I after that downgrade to 4.0.4 I again and clear data + factory reset. When you finish with cleaning, install the firmware which you wish. Recomended to use 4.0.4 I from here https://www.meizumobiles.fr/mises-a-jour/. One week ago i had the same problem, so i fix it with the same steps.
Sorry for my bad english.

@Eduard thanks eduard, but i can’t even downgrade to 4.0.4i it says firmware corrupt…

Have You Maybe find the solution? Because I have the same problem :/

@Ultrametric tried now again with the 4.0.4 A… didn’t work :pensive:

@mmiz I downloaded A before two hours, so follow my steps please: from A downgrade to 4.5.6 I then to 4.0.4 I and after that A or some other firmware. Also i tryed from 4.5.6 i directly to A and it does not happen.

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Thank you very much @Eduard , it Worked:wink: :grinning: , now i’m using Mokee ROM, it Rocks!!, Battery is Awesome!! and the rom is very smooth, also receive all the notifications

@mmiz Nothing for, I am glad for you!!! Which version is the firmware you put on?

@Eduard This Version


It’s pure android, like nexus devices, with a little tweaks, battery is just awesome, and performance is pretty smooth…
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@Rey My device wasn’t modify, this is the first time i change recovery and different ROM, instead of flyme…that’s why i asked for help, even if don’t modify ur phone or change recovery u can have this problem of downgrading and upgrading firmware to get to the right one…
Also i would recommend u guys, to change flyme for this rom or any other cyanogenmod rom, i mean, these roms really profit the device, and they’re clean rom, also the user experience is awesome and everything is compatible with those roms, like exposed framework, that means no extra stuff, that u won’t need…

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