Telegram Problems / Swiftkey Problems

Hey Guys,

a week ago i got my Metal…which i really like. But there are two thinks i can’t fix…Telegram works not properly, notifications appear for some time (it seems that flymeos closes Telegram completely after a time don’t touching the phone) Then i have to start Telegram manually…the Messages appear instant. Reset, new installation of Telegram, Sync Telegram activation…i tried so much…:(
The other Problem is that Swiftkey works for some Time…i put the Phone away (maybe 10minutes)…then there is no keyboard anymore. i start a browser or something where i can write…there is no keyboard anymore(it’s just blank) When i now start swiftkey a blank white screen appears…nothing happens. After reboot or reinstallation it works again for some short time :(
Update FlymeOS to the newest Beta…same Result
Maybe someone has an Idea :(


PS: Sorry for my bad English…i hope some of you understand what i mean :D

Meizu Pro 5

Hi, ✌
Try to use the Swiftkey Mod Version.

This Works perfect on my Metal.

Push Notification to work very badly on FlyMe 5. I do not know why this is but I have the same problem.

Thx Dennis…I’ll give it a try :)

in the telegram my private massage are automatically send to my contacts anybody knows what the problem is!?

@merlin the latest version of telegram does not work with android 3.5 and its older versions.
various messages sent to my contacts automatically. the messages are incomplete and impermanent. In order to solve this problem we need to use the older versions of telegram.

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