Phone convert to international - Can someone with International version can share phone content
Meizu Pro 5

I’m pretty sure we can achieve the same hack than @Dysync with our PRO 5 :

So can someone grab the /dev/block/sda2 content of an international (ONLY) version and upload it so we can compare with mine ?

Using ADB or Terminal :

  • su
  • dd if=/dev/block/sda2 of=/sdcard/sda2.img
  • upload /sdcard/sda2.img here

Here is mine (Chinese)

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We are not responsible for bricked devices,
thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you. Hard. A lot.

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Meizu Pro 5

True, actually it’s not clear what the “poc” binary does. So until then applying the method is risky

@Kikounet95 Yeah, i make my phone international using this tutorial and now i will unlock my bootloader

woow congratulation! Bootloader of Chinese version finally got unlocked.
Now we need custom recovery for our phone

It works! I did it and non I can use full Global firmware on my chinese Phone.

@Kikounet95 Can you or somebody else please confirm this and what it means? I want to try myself but until there is a well translated tutorial and confirmation that those with Chinese variants of the PRO5 that follow it can indeed unlock the bootloader, I’m a little scared I’ll do some very real damage to my phone.

Meizu Pro 5

@ShadowOfDeth I did it too…

So we with the Chinese PRO5 can install international firmwares AND unlock our bootloaders? Are there any good tutorials?

Meizu Pro 5

@ShadowOfDeth I followed the tutorial from the link above. Pretty simple… It also be done both ways. The only combo I didn’t try is unlocked bootloader + Chinese id

@Kikounet95 Well that seems like a bit of a waste. If I wanted to unlock the bootloader and install international firmware could I do it all from the phone using terminal emulator or would I need a PC?

@Kikounet95 , what Pro 5 you have? :)

@ShadowOfDeth you can do it with terminal :)

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