Meizu metal can't open apps

Hello everyone!!
I’m from UK and i’ve got my Meizu Metal 16gb a few days ago from ebay(China).
I opened it and it didn’t had the google play store. So i download the google installer from the Chinese app store, but it can not install it.
Also facebook app and messenger app which i downloaded from the Chinese store can’t open. Furthermore instagram app opens but stucks after a few seconds. I’m starting to wonder if only my phone has that problem because i see all that videos installing google play e.c.t and no one says anything about stucking apps.
I’m starting to thing of sending my phone back to the seller.
I hope you can help me find a solution. :thumbsup:

@ADLIB Use an older version of FB and FB mes

@ADLIB hey i just got a meizu metal too and just search up google play store and look for a muticolored puzzle piece logo and download it. I think you may also need google play games too. Both apps are on the chinese store. As for instagram, try installing it again on the google play store and then update it. Sometimes instagram will freeze so just restart your phone once or twice.

also, im not sure about facebook and messenger as mine also crashes as well. Maybe try to log in on facebook using the web?

Hi friends.

Access settings, applications management, clear data, restart the phone, you can solve.

The latest beta firmware ( seems that solved the problem.

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