How to install Google Playstore (Flyme OS A)

Everytime I tried to install the Google Playstore via the Google Installer 2.0.4 from the FAQ it won’t work. If anyone having the same problem, here a simple and fast solution.

  • Open Flyme’s app App Center
  • Search for ‘google installer’
  • Click on google installer 2.0.4 (newest version)
  • Don’t install!
  • Scroll down until you see in blue writing ‘History Versions’ and click on it
  • Install Version 1.4.3 (FlymeOS 4.5)
  • After installation open Google Playstore
  • Log-in with your account
  • Reboot your device
  • Click on Google Playstore, agree to Google’s terms and download your stuff

You can update the Google Installer to it’s newest version, but never forget to reboot after the update!

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I only registered to say thanks - your guide helped me install Google Play on my new M2 after several failed attempts :) Many thanks!

@tothd You’re most welcome! Glad I could help.

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Meizu Pro 5

I have meizo pro 5 with Flyme and can confirm that the only way to get the play store working was by using Google Installer 1.4.3. Thanks @ano20xx

Meizu Pro 5

@Rey It did install fine, but then when i try to download anything using play store, i get Download Failed,ERROR: RPC:S-7:AEC-0 something, but with the older installer the issue is fixed. I did try the clear cache/re-add google account thing, it doesnt work.

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Me too, only registered to say thanks ! God you helped me so much ! Just had to upgrade Play Store after rebooting my MX4 ! THANKS

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