Can't install google services from google installer

Hi. I have a m1 note. i had the stable version and decided to patch latest beta. All went well, but i cannot install the google services. I download the 3 MB file google installer from the app store, i press install and it stucks. I left it for 25 minutes and nothing happens. If i open another app and then return to google installer it shows me the following message:
if i press to repair again it stucks. In tried 2 different beta firmwares and then tried to return back to the stable, but in the problem is still there in the stabl version as well. Before trying to update i had installed and was using google services fine. Please help me urgently. Thanks

Edit: I have installed google installer v.1.44 and it works. All v.2 installers don’t work. Any ideas? Maybe it’s because i had google installer v.1 originally on this phone?

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Try to install the google play store and play store services separately.

Play service:

And play store just search it on apkmirror.

@Ultrametric Thanks. Since the older version worked, will i face any kind of problem if i keep using it instead of trying to install the newer one?


@dimis52 I had the problem once, and it never happened again.

I can’t promise you, just tell you that I didn’t have it again. And I do update my firmware about twice a week :P (or more often)

@Ultrametric Twice a week omg! I will keep it with the old google services and see how it goes. If i have a problem i will try what you suggested. Thanks

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