Changing Resolution

Hi eveyrone,

New here on the forums. Just got my Meizu M2 Note a month ago and pretty happy for now. However, as I played some games and my performance wasn’t so great I figured I could change the resolution of my phone to incrrease the performance (pretty much what we do on PC).

After researching I found some apps that were supposedly to do so (generally for Android) but none of them do anything. NOMone resolution changer for example does nothing. I enter the values, hit Apply, still nothing. Reboot and all, nothing.

Maybe I need some kind of root access or something?

Any help would be welcome!

Thank you!


@Cattleman-Joe There are guides on how to decrease the DPI for the Pro 5 and the MX4 Pro. Have a look at those.

And yeah, to modify your system files, you certainly need root access.

I have managed to do this. Only needed to login to the Flyme to get root access and then allow the application to use it.


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