NFC problem, PRO5

Hi guys, i have a problem with me phone, i want it to connect to my speaker throw the NFC (yes the speaker has NFC) but with no luck.
I get the pro5 back to back with the speaker and it wont work

In the other hand my galaxy s4 can connect without any problem.

Some one have this issu? And if so a way to fix it?

Thanks guys!

Meizu Pro 5

@Prim1Tive NFC antenna is above the camera… be sure your tag is at the right place…


@Prim1Tive You do not have a “Other Phones”, but a Meizu! Please put in more effort the next time you post a topic.

-Move it to the right section.

YES id dose work
Apperently the NFC antenna is not so powerful to just do a back to back connection…
Thank you for this easy fix!
Grate day

as I read on internet , the A - version dose not have an NCF , or ?

Meizu Pro 5

No, A version also does have NFC… Don’t worry

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